Friday, August 3, 2012

Game Test


Do you remember how you learned numbers from 1 to 10? Now you have to revise the material and to solve exciting puzzles while fitting pieces of wood into the slots made in a figure! Choose any level you like!
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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Silent destiny. Memory match

"Silent destiny. Memory match" is a new free online concentration and strategy game . This kind of game can be played with educational purposes by students and children as it trains such indispensable for learning process skills as memory and attention. This free online concentration game may be also useful for the adults as a regular exercise stimulating their brain. Traditionally concentration games are about cards where the player's task is to turn over the card and then find its mate. "Silent Destiny. Memory match" has its own peculiarities and its own game plot.

Talking about the background of the story, main heroes of this free online game are committed to save magic Grael and stop at any cost a giant robot named Drill Drone. For now their objective is to collect all the Agamat stones they manage to find, and the player is invited to participate in this activity. After having read the whole story of this online puzzle game, click on a card to reveal the Agamat stone (the sparkling one of purple color) and try matching the stone with its pair. Remember that Drill Drone represents a threat as all his counterattacks deplete your life bar and lead to the game over.

However, besides of already mentioned elements of concentration game, "Silent Destiny" as well as all famous card games, requires elaborating your own strategy of opening the squares and searching for the stones to win. You may randomly click on the cards but in such case your possibility of a right guess is lower than if you try remembering their location. Over the course of the game after some cards are revealed the players with good memory might recall in their mind where they have seen a pair. Although the latter is not easy due to a huge variety of stones, stars and geometrical shapes introduced by the creators of the game. The player may try writing down the location of stones but in doing so he risks to run out of time. There's a timer which keeps track of how fast your actions are so you can't just relax and think forever before opening a new square. The estimated time of completing the level equals three minutes.

Give your brain a little exercise while searching for pairs in this challenging free online concentration and memory game "Silent destiny. Memory match"!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Penguin destroyer

Penguin-destroyer is a new online puzzle skill game where your task is to kill all the evil penguins by using your grenade.

The player is provided with the grenade that should be pointed in the necessary direction to hit the victim easier. To make a shot it's necessary to hold the mouse for some time while the hitting force is increasing. You may also change the time after which the grenade blows up so that you can reach the evil penguin. The point of this free online skill game is that you have to maneuver and calculate your steps in order to use as less shots as possible. For instance in one of the levels all the three penguins are chilling out on the bench made of wooden squares. It's enough to hit just one of them located closer to the grenade so that he falls and knocks the other two penguins down. That's how they all appear in the river and you get awarded with the medal. Being smart and using less shots by measuring the force and time of the grenade are your keys to success!

Watch out because the penguins are different, there are good and bad guys. The player will easily tell the difference between these two categories: bad penguins are always frowned, colored in dark aggressive shades, sometimes have horns or wear the sunglasses. Good penguins on the contrary are pretty smiling dudes of light colors. Make sure you don't hurt the good penguins while shooting the bad ones even though they might be located close to each other... Otherwise you won't get the maximum score at the end of the game!

Online puzzle game Penguin-destroyer is enriched with nice colorful graphics. Not only the main heroes are likable and attractive but the scenery of the levels always changes from the snowy mountains to forest landscapes. The penguins roll the eyes in a jolly way whenever you hold the mouse pointer around their head, and scream insanely whenever you are about to blow them up! All these details create atmosphere of lively events unlike other puzzle games that tend to be slow and often deprived of any action.

Quake Flash

Quake Flash is a new variant of a worldwide famous game realized in a three-dimensional style. Those lovers of the traditional version of Quake will definitely have a blast while trying out this free online game —Āreated in Flash. Actually there's no necessity of introducing this first-person shooter game that has been played for over the decade and has already become a legend of the online games' community due to its crazy popularity. But while the first variant of the game was released in 1996, the new one came out a little time ago. That's the reason it's still recommendable to say some words about it and to make an emphasis on the new details.

This free action game is an awesome 3D shooter that originally can be played in 2 modes: single one and a multiplaying mode. However, here only the single mode is available for now. So instead of wandering around fighting against other players - your opponents, you have to frag adversaries given to you by the game creators. This is achieved by navigating a 3D environment and shooting other heroes that appear on your way with a variety of weapons, while collecting health, armor, weapons, ammo and various power-ups. You play as the protagonist who is sent to the portal in order to stop a cruel enemy called "Quake". In the dark labyrinths you have to face the evil monsters and get over the obstacles shooting from your gun while finding secret areas, treasures and unlock the doors with a golden key. When the items are found they may be carried to the second level that is of course more complicated than the previous one. It should be admitted that the graphics of the game and the visual effects really resemble Doom.

Get immersed into the dark fantasies of a bloody combat of this new 3D shooter Flash game absolutely for free!


In the free online game "Fallin" your aim is to maneuver in the space trying to get right into the exit portal and collect the blocks on your way. You should use the arrow keys to move and fall from portal to portal and to hit the rhombs to increase your output and combo points.

During the game there will be different geometric objects appearing of various colors. So make sure that before starting this arcade game you read what every single object means so you'll be able to distinguish them and know what kind of benefits they grant you while playing. Keep in mind that green rhombs give you a possibility of a super jump, pink rhombs provide you with an extra life, and blue ones grant you less gravity for a moment that gives you a chance to hit more objects and slide in the space slower but not fall down immediately. Yellow rhombs let you have a bigger exit so it's easier for the player to get in there. Violet circle represents a black hole, and a purple circle with a green border stands for the warp portal. When you're done reading the instructions, press P to unpause and activate the game.

Don't be surprised when the blue portals constantly change their location on the screen and when even the whole picture suddenly starts reversing making it harder for the player to get into the portal. Those are also elements of the game's plot.

This free online arcade game is over when you lose all of your lives. Lives can be lost in one or two ways: if you get sucked into a black hole or you miss the exit portal while having a combo of 0. At the end of each round an amount equal to the product of your current combo is added to your score. Play "Fallin" and imagine having an intergalactic trip!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Gas N' Go

Are you good in management and decision making? Have you ever thought of getting started a small business that would give you a certain income and then perhaps lead to a huge success some day? There's your chance to find out how it feels to run your own business playing a new online management game "Gas n' Go" that represents a simulation of real-world events and the real consequences for each player. Actually this free online game also contains some elements of strategy and tactics so it's not that easy to make a demarcation and define its pure type. "Gas n' Go" is definitely a combination of different kinds of games which makes it even more interesting.

In this online free game you're offered to manage a gas station. At first it's totally empty and you learn how to walk (using keys A, W, S, D). Then you put a fuel pump as a first element of your gas station and the cars start stopping by. To fuel up a car just drag it with your mouse to the pump and walk over to the white box next to the pump to start it up automatically. Easy, right?

The most complicated thing begins when the gas station gets busier and the customers arrive one after another. That's when your time-management skills appear to be extremely useful as you have to fuel up the cars, wash them and execute lots of tasks simultaneously. The player of this free online game has to deliver perfect service for the people if he wants to make money trying to be as quick and fast as possible. The customers behave like in a real life: if you make them wait they get annoyed and leave the gas station so make sure you manage to serve all of them without a delay. Remember that providing an excellent service is what makes your business work. Throughout the game you may add more items to your gas station. Watch out though, the more popular you become, the harder you have to work! Every time you make a mistake it means losing a life. But the lives are replenished every single day, so take it easy!

Try out this new management game with elements of strategy and tactics while starting a real career of a gas station's owner! Good luck!

Rubber Chicken

Rubber Chicken is an amusing arcade game that can be played by all the ages and genders. The nice peculiarity about this free online game is that neither you should possess a special knowledge or skills to play it nor you have to get stressed out or think of some special strategies to complete the levels. "Rubber chicken" is a great chance to have your brain relax for a little bit in the middle of a busy day.

In this online arcade game the main hero is a chicken that went for a picnic with her babies but the kids got lost on the way back home... Now you have to help her collecting all the children by following the rules of the game.

The kids are located in transparent eggs, and that's your task to collect all the eggs with the babies. To start the level, just click the mouse, and in order to move you may also use the mouse - so it's pretty easy. The chicken jumps from the sky to the ground, and you have to move the platform so she could land successfully and catch the eggs row by the row. There are 24 eggs in total and 6 rows. Make sure the chicken bounces in a right way to speed up the process because you're given a limited amount of time - only 10 seconds to collect all the babies. If you fail to move the platform adequately for the chicken to land and bounce, our caring mother falls down, and you have to start all over again. When the stage is finally clear, the next level appears. In every next level the location of eggs is more sophisticated and more random so it becomes harder to catch them for the player.

The curious moment about this online arcade game is that while practicing bouncing and collecting the eggs you get better each time you try. Don't get upset if you fail to collect the babies playing "Rubber chicken" for the first time. Make sure you keep trying and soon you'll get a reward for your efforts. Enjoy!